Todd Londagin

   "Introducing"  Todd Londagin
Nocturne  OTCD 958
I Was a little too lonely
Lean Baby
Just too Much
When i take my sugar to tea
King for a day
Nobody loves me
No moon at all
Meet me at no special place
Love was right for us
My gal and I
The "In" crowd
Jay Livingston
Billy Man
Jon Dryden
Pierre Norman
Michael Hashim
Jon Dryden
David Mann
Pyle Robinson
Tanyayette Willoughby
Jimmy Van Heusen
Mark Cally
Billy Page

Todd Londagin: Trombone & Vocals
Pete Smith: Guitar
Jennifer Vincent : Bass
David Berger : Drums
Recorded on March 2002




Rédigé par Tybone 26

Publié dans #cdstrombone