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More de 480 CDS to  trombonists
Since 1973, I devoted myself to the trombone. Being in an orchestra from 1980 to 2002, I always enjoyed listening to concertos before rehearsing them... this was the start of my collection. Since then, I also discovered a passion for Jazz.
My collection, figuring only soloists or solo, is not an extensive one and I would like to discover many more trombonists.
This wills to discover and to increase this database is now in your hands!

-You can help me improve and increase this database.

-If you have recorded a Cd which is not currently in there, please do not hesitate to forward it to me. Contact details at the bottom of the page: Email Moi )   Contact


  • -My goal is to gather as many trombone Cds as possible, soloists or solo, to create a substantive database.
  • -Furthermore, you may use this database to promote your latest recordings where I will create a link to your site.
  • -You can take advantage of my reference list to purchase music in stores.
  • -Find numerous links to trombonist websites
  • -Check if a record has been released and by whom.
   Enjoy the visit!
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