Mike Svoboda

Cage : Trombone & Piano
MDG 613 1510-2
Two5   (1991)
Variations I   (1958)
Music for Two   (1984-87)
John Cage
John Cage
John Cage

John Cage / music for trombone and piano
Mike Svoboda, trombone - Steffen Schleiermacher, piano
Music for Two (1984-87)
TWO5 (1991)
Variations I (1958)

Recording : June,26, 2007

  Turnage / Rihm/ Benjamin   Ono / Svoboda
 Warner 2564 60244-2
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Etudes and Elegies
A Quick Blast
Uninterrupted Sorrow
A Quiet Life
Canzona per Sonare " über die Linie"
Cuts and Dissolves
Olicantus for 15 players


Mark-Anthony Turnage
Mark-Anthony Turnage
Wolfgang Rihm
Wolfgang Rihm
George Benjamin

Canzona per Sonare " Über die Linie "  Pièce contemporaine  où deux orchestres entourent le trombone soliste 

Wolfgang Rihm - Canzona per sonare
concerto for alto trombone and two orchestral groups (2001) performed by Monnaie Symphony Orchestra Brussels under the directions of Kazushi Ono, Mike Svoboda, alto trombone.
 A recording from 2004.

Rédigé par Henri Eynard

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